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BJP leveraging bloggers for election

Looks like the BJP folks are really keen to learn from Barack Obama’s campaign. Some days ago I got an email that stated:

Dear Gautam,

I am from LK Advani Communications Office. We are launching a programme called Bloggers ForAdvani. We would like to know if you are a supporter and would like to be a part of this initiative. Do write back with an affirmative or negative. Look forward to hearing back from you and sharing more details of this campaign!

Mallika Noorani
LK Advani Communications Office
26 Tughlaq Crescent, New Delhi 110011
Tel: +91 (11) 23001741 (board line)
Tel: +91 (11) 23001721 (direct line)

Apparently they’ve tried to reach other bloggers too like Sidin of Mint who wrote an articleon why he won’t be joining the BJP campaign which got published in HT this sunday.

The reason I won’t be participating in the campaign is that I am not a political blogger at all. My focus is HR and organizational business and I’ll stick to it