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Personal Social CRM Systems

Image representing Gist as depicted in CrunchBase
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I’ve been using to manage my social media contacts – and it’s an amazing resource.

What is basically does is link all your social network contacts and email contacts together – so before you send a mail to the person you can see what’s on his/her mind on Twitter/Facebook/Linkedin or blog. See What is Gist

Another resource is – a Chrome and Firefox extension unfortunately only for Gmail and Google Apps mails which let you see when you are mailing someone his social network details and status updates. See the review on Web Worker Daily.

Of course, if you are a MS Outlook user – you only need to install the Xobni plug-in – and when you see a mail you can see the recipients and the mails you have exchanged and his/her social network information – and Hoovers information is he/she is on a company email account. Read more here

What are your personal social CRM systems that you use?

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