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Tweeples – the social network for twitter users

Today a person called @Tweeples_Mark started following me. When I checked his profile, it said he’s the Founder of – the social network for tweeple. It also asked people who run local tweetups to get in touch.

On their website they say:

Tweeples is a social network for twitter® users. We love twitter and wanted to make a spot where people could have an extended profile, set up tweetups and form social groups. We are in our beta stages and membership is free.

The front page looks inspired by Facebook newsfeed.

It’s amazing the amount of communities that Twitter has triggered. Am sure that there are lots of other twitter groups like this one for Twitter Addicts.


Google Reader changes

After coming under fire for lack of privacy, Google Reader quickly rolled out changes. As the Reader Help Center says:

If any of your friends on Google Talk are using Reader and sharing
items, they’ll automatically show up in the Google Reader sidebar under
Friends’ shared items. You can read these items in a
combined list, or click the “+” icon to expand the list and see the
shared items from each of your friends. Your friends will also be able
to see that you’re using Reader. If you’re sharing items, they’ll be
able to see those in their Reader sidebars as well.
If you don’t want to see shared items from any particular friend,
you can hide their items from your list; just click on the friend’s
name and click the Hide button. If you decide later that you want to see them again, just visit the Friends tab in Settings,
where you’ll find “show” and “hide” options for all your friends. You
can also use Settings to see which of your friends aren’t using Reader
yet and encourage them to start by sending them a link to your shared

Prompt on Google’s part to act on the feedback, but would this ensure that people with privacy concerns who had moved to other web based RSS aggregators like Bloglines would move back to Google reader? Specially with Bloglines Beta bringing sexy back?

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