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Socialmedian acquired by Xing!

OK, this was unexpected news! On the socialmedian blog Jason Goldberg CEO wrote:

This is great news for socialmedian’s members as XING is committed to growing and developing socialmedian both as a standalone service as well launching integrated socialmedian services on XING, one of the leading online business networks in the world.

The entire socialmedian team will be joining XING as part of the acquisition.  I will be relocating to Hamburg, where I will lead up a major new initiative for XING, the XING Application Platform.  In this new role, in addition to strengthening and enhancing the socialmedian service, I will also be responsible for managing global partnerships for application developers and content providers to connect with the XING network.

This is an awesome development for socialmedian.  

socialmedian delivers the news, filtered by your network.  XING is one of the leading global online networks and is rapidly growing around the world with nearly 7 million members, up from 4.8 million in 2007.  Together, socialmedian & XING will connect people with the people, information, and resources they need to get their jobs done, follow their interests, and pursue their passions. 

For people who don’t know, Xing is a European centric Business Networking site (was earlier and while I joined OpenBC long ago, never became a convert, although I know some friends who preferred OpenBC and now Xing over Linkedin, which I thought was doing a Facebook 🙂

So Goldberg’s new role as Xing App Platform seems like Xing wants to emulate LI’s facebookization too 😉

The big question is, is Xing too late?


Socialmedian traffic source

Interesting data from Alexa about Socialmedian that shows how much India contributes to the traffic! Almost 10%. And within India it is amongst the top 35,000 websites! Not bad, for a site that moved from alpha to beta just some months ago! users come from these countries: traffic rank in other countries:


Socialmedian Replize to Twitter

An interesting feature on Socialmedian connecting conversation between two s|m users who are also on Twitter. Jason Goldberg CEO of Socialmedian, mails :

we now enable socialmedian users to automatically send a Tweet via Twitter when posting a comment or replize on socialmedian.

While I replied to GregHollingsworth on socialmedian, we know to send the tweet to his Twitter account GHollingsworth because he has linked his Twitter account to his socialmedian.

2. Users can include multiple socialmedian users in their reply (by including their socialmedian @username anywhere in their comments) and we’ll send tweets to each of them.

3. You can tweet a comment with or without a replize — meaning, you can just tweet your comment out to direct people to the story and your comment on socialmedian, or you can tweet your reply to a specific twitter user.

Next up from the socialmedian Replize team:  auto-complete when replying to people you know on socialmedian, and some other fun stuff.

By the way, you can follow the news I track.

I personally like Socialmedian better than Digg.