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Susan Kang Nam: The Social Media Enthusiast interview

This is the second one in the social media interview series. First one is here.


Susan of the PinkOliveFamily

Susan of the PinkOliveFamily



GG: Tell us a little more about yourself

Susan (Kang) Nam is a Networking Professional, Executive and Educational Recruiter interested in the Sourcing and Recruiting industry via utilizing Social Media. She currently supports her sister’s boutique, Pink Olive Inc. based in NYC and since Summer of 2008, has actively used various social media tools to network and build relationships with customers, vendors, community organizers around the world.

Susan currently serves as a member of Board of Directors, Vice President at Harvard Club of Andover Inc. She also actively participate in both on/off sites committees (i.e. Binghamton Planning Committee among other charity organizations). Previously, Susan held a recruiting role at Harvard University. She holds a BA in Psychology from the State University of New York at Binghamton, and further explored and pursued graduate studies at University of Rhode Island (Ph.D. program in Clinical Psychology), Columbia University – Teacher’s college, Harvard University – Harvard Graduate School of Education Master of Education courses, business and HR related courses. Both her Senior Thesis and Masters Thesis studies were in the areas of Behavioral Medicine and Leadership.

Susan has recently started leading a Career club called Boston Salty Legs Career Club with special nomination from ABC news Good Morning America Job Club founder Tory Johnson. Currently held meetings at Harvard Kennedy School of Government with 30 members. Club mission is to help each other grow in our careers. Susan will soon to host a radio show via Recruiter Earth to interview Club members and report on club activities via this venue. Susan is also in discussion for TV hosting opportunities as well via this medium.

Passionate about community building and primary focus is on utilizing importance of family, culturally sensitivity/acculturation/diversity, Strategic Talent Development. Susan actively follows these social media sites (i.e. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Friendfeed, and various Ning sites) exploring topics of Executive Recruiting, New Media and Marketing. 

Susan’s other interests are Classical Piano, Nascar, screenplay script writing, international travel and maintaining balance in work/family life.

How did you get into social media?

Summer of 2008, my sister Grace Kang (founder/owner of Pink Olive Boutique) asked me to register for Facebook to explore the site further. I have been completely out of the loop for several years whereas both of my sisters used various social media sites to engage with friends and colleagues. Along with this request, I was taking a course in ROI (Glen Gutmacher’s course with Shally Steckerl) and needed to update on internet recruiting methods which allowed me to explore, research and educate myself further in sourcing and executive recruiting field.

Do you interact with different people across different social media platforms? (twitter/facebook/blogs/flickr/facebook others)

Yes I do. I feel it’s necessary to explore all platform out there to update myself in latest technology and find ways to network and interact with others. The book “Groundswell” by Charlene Li & Joshua Bernoff has also been instrumental in exploring and coming up with methods to approach social media. Charlene advised me on social media strategies for Harvard Club of Andover Inc. Yes. I am on twitter, facebook, flickr, facebook, numerous Ning sites, friendfeed and others. I do not have a blog site just yet and that choice has been a strategy for me – more on this later for sure.

Where do you think is social media headed?

It’s headed to advancing and allowing people from all walks of life to explore the possibilities of connecting where no opportunities like this existed on such faster scale per se. For example, I was able to connect with ABC news Good Morning correspondent and CEO of Women for Hire Tory Johnson via Twitter. I have known about her work for past 4 years however did not have that instant connection until Twitter initially with only few tweet messages back in October ’08.

What would be your main advice to organizations (gov/for profit/not for profit) who would like to leverage social media?

Be strategic about how you may want to brand yoursef on social media. Be transparent and engaging as possible when connecting with others. Be specific about your needs and give detailed feedback. Learn about privacy on social media sites to guard against any potential liability risks.

What would you advise an individual who is exploring social media?

Same as I’d advise organizations as an individual is their own organization per se. Create ways to engage in conversations with an open mind. Be direct about your needs and at the same time find ways to always show value and give back. Be transparent about your motives and encourage others to help one another during this early exploratory phase of social media.

What are the URLs of your social media places?

There are so many, here are few fyi:

Google Profile site –

Boston Salty Legs Public Site – (Plans to make it more interactive)

ABC news –

Ning site(s) –,http://www.talentbar.com, etc.

Facebook –

Twitter –

LinkedIn –
Friendfeed –