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56% Believe Most CEOs Cheat on Taxes

Got this PR release over the email. Interesting findings.

Trust in Corporate America is in the tank

ORLANDO, FL (April 13, 2007) – A recent poll by, a new site dedicated to Americans earning up to $50k/year, reports that 56% believe most CEOs cheat on their taxes. The poll was taken from April 3 to April 10, 2009.

What’s behind the headline? Anger, frustration and disappointment in big business at large are consuming America’s workers. Take Adam from Tiffin, Ohio. “Ethics have gone out the window. It’s about making a buck at any cost while thousands lose their jobs and that’s just wrong.” Adds Monica from Clearwater, FL, “The thing with AIG really got me. But they’re just one of many. The bailouts, the bonuses, the job cuts, no one seems to know what they’re doing and I don’t trust the lot of them.”

So what’s it all mean? CEOs who don’t have the trust of their employees are going to lose. Says Gretchen Hofmann, founder of, “Too many CEOs are insulated in the big business bubble and productivity slides if they don’t have the trust of the troops. No one can afford that, especially now and this latest poll is a wake-up call.” is a daily opinion poll and blog dedicated to the 96 million people who earn up to $50k/year and make up the largest segment of the working population.