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Linking the Laid Off

A mail from Vincent talked about his new initiative:

Are you, or someone you know, one of the 1.2 Million Americans who lost their jobs in 2008? If so, please join us in “Linking The Laid Off”. 

The purpose of “Linking The Laid Off” to help those who’ve been laid off to expedite their job search via brainstorming about the social media services you and I know so well. If social media can be used to help fill the most powerful job in the world, it stands to reason that social media can help you and me find the jobs we need for ourselves and for our families.

At present there are three places you may choose to join “Linking The Laid Off”:

1. On Facebook, it’s located at:

2. On Linkedin Groups, it’s located at:

3. On My Linking Power Forum, it’s located at:

We intend to focus on job search so, PLEASE help us get the word out. 

Thanks, and Keep STRONG, Everybody!!
Vincent Wright


Vincent Wright renames Blog Social Media Consortium

Got a mail from Vincent Wright, uber networker, that the erstwhile Why Keep Strong blog, (to which I am an occasional contributor) is now Social Media Consortium.

As Vincent notes:

The Social Media Consortium seeks, finds, and shares news, views, and opinions about very well-established as well as very, very new products and services in “Social Media!”

We are actively looking for co-bloggers and co-moderators to participate with us in bringing social media news to our growing list of subscribers.

So if you’re interested, do let Vincent know. (via Twitter)