What some of my friends, colleagues and clients say about me and my work on Linkedin:

Gautam is an absolutely brilliant HR professional! A look at recommendations about him on Linked In is proof of that even if someone has not read his Blog , met him during one of his lecture rounds or interacted with him in workshops. He is the only HR professional I have met who emphasises his desire to transform the HR profession into a Business Advisory function.We have a Management Guru in the making. Mark my words. April 9, 2008

Ranjit Jatar, Serial Entrepreneur, Reffster HR Pvt Ltd ( Name under change)
worked with Gautam at

“I am happy to write this recommendation for Gautam. This young man never fails to amaze me with his incredible visibility on the Internet, his amazing credentials, and his honest demeanor. Even though we have never met face-to-face, I would very much like to do so during my next business visit to India. I am also happy to share our resources with Gautam and wish him much success in all his future endeavors!” May 10, 2008

Anil Behal, Business Development Manager (PA), UnitedHealth Group
worked with Gautam at Tvarita Consulting

“Gautam and I go back to the Recruiting Blogswap of 2006 (pre-College’s takeover) and I’m not just saying this because his initials are fabulous 😉 He’s well-read and well-rounded in the ways you’d want an HR/recruiting consultant to be, and writes in a highly readable style. Covering a wide range of topics that nevertheless all tie together in his professional passion of HR, his blog is a constant presence with consistent quality over time. Read him, learn & enjoy.” February 5, 2008

Glenn Gutmacher, Founder,
was with another company when working with Gautam at

“Read Gautam daily! He is one of the top bloggers in his space. Gautam packs each post with keen insights and provides context for his thinking. So often blogs are filled with excerpts from other blogs with no additional commentary. Gautam will comment on what others have posted, but when he does, he always goes the extra mile to share his take and provide an interesting point of view. Gautam has a deep appreciation for innovation, but doesn’t embrace new ideas simply because they are new. He strikes that just-right balance of thoughtful skepticism and early adoption.” January 25, 2008

Christian Anderson, Director of Corporate Communications, Jobster, Inc.
worked with Gautam at

“Gautam has been a pioneer in setting the trend for HR blogging in India. In my rating he is the best HR Blogger and also the face of HR blogging in India to the global community. Gautam has excellent understanding of HR issues, challenges and has the ability to foresee HR and business trends and analyze it impacts. He has also been able to brand HR in business community with his convincing ideas and analysis. His ideas have educated and inspired many students, HR professionals, academicians and business leaders. His humility and approachability is also remarkable and despite his pre-occupations he is always willing to lend his valuable advice and support. It’s a sheer pleasure knowing and sharing thoughts with GG and I wish him the very best for all his future endeavors.” January 20, 2008

Ajit Chouhan, Owner and Moderator, HR Funda
worked directly with Gautam at

“Gautam’s Blog is truly, inspirational writing on the works of HR and reveals, that he thinks real time and new age on where this industry is headed. A `finger on the pulse approach’ attracts readers right from students aspiring to make HR as a career to C level interest. I do see him developing and mentoring communities in related domains in the future. He can be best defined as an Inspirational HR Strategist.” January 8, 2008

Roma Ahuja, Founder, Resources-India
was a consultant or contractor to Gautam at

“Gautam is one of the brightest and most engaging bloggers in the business, period. He is one of the few people who has truly learned how to apply the social web for transcending geographic borders, time zones and cultural mores, and does it seamlessly. More than that, Gautam knows his business and clearly articulates things that most people end up confusing themselves over. He underscores that being a market watcher and industry commentator is not enough — you also need to know what you’re talking about. Clearly, Gautam does. I am happy to recommend Gautam as a professional and online friend.” January 8, 2008

Amitai Givertz, Principal, AMG Management Advisors, Inc.
was with another company when working with Gautam at

“Gautam’s blog is part of my daily dose of reading, something I look forward to everyday. Professionaly, he has managed to achieve an iconic status in the world of blogging because he lends a lot of credibility and rigour to the field. Respite like an oasis!” January 4, 2008

Sairee Chahal, Consultant, SAITA Consulting
was with another company when working with Gautam at

“Gautam’s blog has always made interesting reading with the newest of management thoughts being articulated there. It is correctly among the most widely read blogs globally!” January 4, 2008

Aparna Sharma, President, Noam Management Consulting
was with another company when working with Gautam at

“Gautam writes a well respected blog. I interviewed him for a book on business blogs. He has won a number of awards for his blog and received important recognition. He is a thought leader in the human resource area.” January 3, 2008

Bill Ives, Consultant/Writer, Self-employed
was with another company when working with Gautam at

“It is the simplest thing in the world to start a blog. To continue writing it is difficult. To write a blog which is focused, relevant and a reference for us in the business is a HUGE achievement. After all it’s the stuff that sounds simple that is the most difficult. But Gautam does that with passion, finesse and quiet determination. His knowledge base in OD and HR consulting is vast, but it is his way of setting it in different contexts whether it is technology, networking, or even the way professionals are evolving is what sets him apart. In the process one gets a refreshing and new perspective on what’s going on. His is a view that works for me. And I would rely on his judgment and experience in order to possess knowledge and insights quite like no others- in this field.” January 3, 2008

Riitu Chugh, Business Director, Communications Industry
was with another company when working with Gautam at

“”Gautam has created a great network and his blogs are very informative. A well read and amazing writer, his example and encouragement made many in our team take up blogging and networking more seriously…a genuinely helpful person, his trademark is his amazing time management…..always has (creates) time for all”” January 2, 2008

Rachel Griffin, Sr. Consultant, Spearhead Intersearch
was with another company when working with Gautam at

“Gautam and I, both avid bloggers, met via the blogosphere because of our shared interests, including Human Resources, Organization Development, workplace learning, and consulting. Via his blogs, Gautam has enhanced access to HR ideas, news, and research. Gautam is not only a tireless blogger, he is also a leading promoter of global connections and conversations.” January 2, 2008

Terrence Seamon, Learning & OD Consultant, Self-employed
was with another company when working with Gautam at

“Gautam is a tech savvy HR professional and his career moved from Sales to HR to consulting, teaching, blogging and its a long journey. He is among few who has got this kind of breadth in HR and his network is outstanding. I should say that he was an eye-opener for the HR team at PepsiCo foods in 2006 when he shared the power of Blogging – it was a very informative and provided the team with lots of insights. Gautam has got great future – for any latest trends or information on HR, just visit his blogspot.” January 2, 2008

Krishna K, Human Resources, PepsiCo
was a consultant or contractor to Gautam at

“Gautam has been one of the first people in India to blog seriously about his professional interests (HR). He is regular and articulate and this has resulted into extensive dissemination of knowledge. I am not from the same functional domain but I have found his work very accessible and wide-ranging. Even without my saying so, his many awards and contributions to professional publications stand testimony to his standing as one of the foremost business bloggers of our times.” January 2, 2008

Diptakirti Chaudhuri, General Manager – Hindi Business, HT Media Limited
was with another company when working with Gautam at

Managing Partner and Organizational Consultant

The Imagence Partners

“Gautam Ghosh is one of the first people I met who really understood how to use blogs and social networking sites. He has impacted the views of thousands of HR people through his blogs and posts. Always the first to know of a good idea, GG is a great asset to have as a consultant. I had requested Gautam to do a half day interactive session on the how to use Blogs to build an Employer Brand. Gautam painstakingly prepared for the session and got my team really excited about blogging. Since then some of them have started their own blogs and have tried to convince other colleagues to do the same. Gautam is the expert I would hire at any time if I had to do the workshop again.” September 30, 2007

Abhijit Bhaduri, HR Director, Microsoft India
was with another company when working with Gautam at The Imagence Partners

November 23, 2006

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity

Visiting HR Lecturer

Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Managemet Studies (KIAMS)

“He is the perfect HR-Guru an HR student can get. Gautam Sir was our Performance Management Professor (visiting faculty), he has an amazing knowledge in every aspect in HR, be it OD or PM or even Recruitment. He made the entire 30 sessions of learning so captivating that at the end our class was yearning for more. He is really a great professor and a true inspirator. A perfect GURU for our HR batch.” January 20, 2008

Lisa Bose, Student, Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies
was with another company when working with Gautam at Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Managemet Studies (KIAMS)

Manager HR

Deloitte Consulting India Pvt. Ltd.

“Gautam is the true HR strategist – he combines the connect that is so essential for an HR professional and the thought leadership found very seldom in the HR community. He is a change agent and will be one of the leading names in the HR Consulting World a few years from now!!!” December 10, 2007

Anjali Sinha, Assistant Manager, Deloitte Consulting India Pvt Ltd
worked indirectly for Gautam at Deloitte Consulting India Pvt. Ltd.

“Gautam is a highly focussed manager with the the aptitude to solve problems in very simple yet effective ways. His relationship with his colleagues & friends have always been fruitful. He is a true entrepreneur and an expert in his field.” June 15, 2007

Arnab Das, Associate (Consulting Segment), Hewitt Associates
was with another company when working with Gautam at Deloitte

“Gautam an HR consultant with deep rich insights on anything in HR. In short can call him “HR-Guru” I wish i could have worked with him and learned as i always aspire to be an HR consultant myself . Best Mehnaz” September 23, 2006

Mehnaz Amjad, Associate Analyst-Recruitments, Deloitte
worked indirectly for Gautam at Deloitte & Touche

“Gautam is a great person to know – Full of knowledge and anectodes, he is the life of any meeting/forum for all the substance he has to offer. I am confident he will go very far as a HR professional and as a human being. From the cow belt to … …sky`s the limit” May 31, 2006

Jaya Awasthi, Senior Manager, Deloitte
worked directly with Gautam at Deloitte & Touche

HR Generalist Advisor

Dell Inc.

“Gautam is a very creative and intellectual individual with excellent HR acumen. He is very in-tune with what is happening in the HR profession and is the first to discover and share a unique perspective with others. Gautam is the quintessential consultant who will bring forth fresh ideas and perspectives each and every time!” May 29, 2008

Aniruddha Banerjee, Director, HRG – Hyderabad, Dell
managed Gautam at Dell Inc.

“Gautam Brings an astute business acumen and implementing the same in the field of Human Rersource, always been a great asset for the company he is associated with to date.”” July 4, 2006

Amit Sachdev, consultant, ABC
was a consultant or contractor to Gautam at Dell International Services

“At our first interaction, there was not a doubt that why DELL has a reputation of picking the best. Gautam is undoubtedly one of the finest, highly motivating and exceptionally bright finds. He not only has the quality of keeping the audience “glued” in but keep them motivated through out his sessions.” March 14, 2005

Raghav Datta, HR Generalist, DELL
worked directly with Gautam at Dell International Services

“Gautam is an amazing person to know both on and off work. His knowledge about the HR industry is formidable to say the least and he is exceptionally good and what he does. His networking capacity has no end. It was a pleasure knowing him and working with him.” December 6, 2007

Nikita Zutshi, Senior Staffing Analyst, Dell International Services
worked with Gautam at Dell

Training Development Specialist

Hewlett Packard

“It was great to work with Gautam in Hewlett Packard. During his stay in HP, Gautam made a huge impact. He rolled out the management skills program in HP BPO which was a huge success. He brings in a lot of expertise in leadership development and organizational effectiveness.” May 5, 2006

SURYA PRAKASH MOHAPATRA, Training Manager, Hewlett Packard
worked directly with Gautam at HP

“Gautam has been an inspirational person with strong commitments to quality and time. He is self motivated and his interactive skills always enhanced his leadership role in the company. It is a gift to be his friend and work with him.” May 13, 2005

ROY D’CUNHA, Internal Auditor, Hewlett Packard
worked with Gautam at HP

“As a client, Goutam was a thorough professional, responsive,interested…and a gentleman. Was quick with his replies, and readily offered support to do our job well. It certainly was a pleasant experience interacting with him.” May 13, 2005

Neela N
was a consultant or contractor to Gautam at HP

“Gautam is an excellent professional. He is always updated on latest HR concepts, trends and research. This shows in his conceptualisation skills and ability to interact as an extremely valuable resource in the HR team. I have also observed him to be a good listener and puts in an effort to help the other person understand his view point patiently. Overall a pleasant person to be with.” May 11, 2005

Gazal Vishwanath, HR Manager, Hewlett Packard
worked with Gautam at HP

“Gautam is more than an expert in Knowledge Management. In his everyday dealings, he embodies the ideals of that discipline. Through Gautam in India, I came to know and work with people in France that I hadn’t previously knew existed. Even a short contact with him and you will be KMing more and more, setting up blogs, communities and initiatives.” April 5, 2005

Simon Hartley, Program Manager, HP
worked with Gautam at HP

“I have always been amazed by the amount of work Gautam was able to handle. I often wondered whether days in Bangalore would last 48h or whether Gautam had 2 jobs into one: a day one and a night one. He obviously has a passion for reading and shares his passion broadly. He is not shy about his opinions and does not hesitate to think against the current.” March 31, 2005

Olivier Lavergne, Learning & Development Manager, HP
worked with Gautam at HP

“Gautam has been a key member of HP’s learning and developement team. Having worked with him, i found his abilities to take initiatives and taking them to fruition as commendable. Some of his initiatives has helped the company effectively develop and deploy a talent management program.” February 9, 2005

Tushar Kumar, Transition Manager, Hewlett-Packard
worked with Gautam at HP

“My interactions with Gautam left me with no doubt that I was dealing with a person,whose understanding of training issues and delivery modes are par excellance. He amazed me with his passion for human learning and his thirst for knowledge. He is a master” January 24, 2005

Shekhar Sanyal
was a consultant or contractor to Gautam at HP

“Gautam, is the person who introduced me to Linked-In and getting an opportunity to write endorsement for him is a previlage. I must appreciate his professionalism and perseverence during our close interaction while his assuming the charge at HP. His knack for training, networking and blogs is undisputed. I wish him all the best for the new assignment with Dell.” January 18, 2005

Pankaj Pipariya
was a consultant or contractor to Gautam at HP

“Though we never met in person while he worked for HP, I always found his online postings to be very valuable. His understanding of Knowledge Management and passion for the subject were obvious even from 10,000 miles away.” January 18, 2005

Bruce Karney, Senior Knowledge Management Consultant, Hewlett-Packard
worked with Gautam at HP

“From the time Gautam joined HP till teh time he actaully left it the HR was completely assured that as far as the Training and Development branch is concerned is really running well and whatever funds were allocated to it is being managed properly because Gautam was there.He was a pioneer in HP as far as conducting trainings are concerned.” January 17, 2005

SAURABH SAHA, Technical Analyst, Hewlett Packard
worked indirectly for Gautam at HP

“Gautam was doing an excellent job in the area of Leadership with his smart skill sets.” January 17, 2005

Venkataraman Chivukula, Release Manager, HP
worked with Gautam at HP

“Gautam showed a keen knowledge of business issues and the related reasons for launching learning intiatives. We found him to be knowledgable, committed and energetic in our interactions.” January 16, 2005

B P Rao
was a consultant or contractor to Gautam at HP

Senior Executive

Satyam Computer Services Ltd

“Gautam is very analytical by nature and extremely focused. Its because of him that I got interested in HR training and the world of MBTI [Myers-Briggs Type Indicator]. What impressed me most was Gautam’s ability to network with people. He has to date, remained friendly and helpful, two traits that will take him far. And his networking ability is very apparent going by his number of connections in almost any network :)” June 27, 2007

Lakshmi Mareddy, Sr. Technical Writer, Satyam Computers
worked directly with Gautam at Satyam

“Gautam is extremely innovative with ideas and meticulous in their implementation. His strong analytical abilities combined with his extremely affable, modest and down-to-earth nature make him a gem of a person. I recommend him strongly.” June 9, 2005

Mukesh Hegde, Biz Dev Mgr, Satyam
worked with Gautam at Satyam Computer Services Ltd

“Gautam did exceptional activities in the area of KM and e-Learning while he was in Satyam.” January 17, 2005

Venkataraman Chivukula, Release Manager, HP
worked with Gautam at Satyam Computer Services Ltd

“We worked together on an eLearning project – driving it internally and it was great working with him and a thorough learning experience for me through his inputs on ideas and process to drive the initiative.” January 16, 2005

Arghaya Palit, Management Trainee, Satyam Computers
worked directly with Gautam at Satyam Computer Services Ltd

“The hallmark of Gautam’s work is innovation. He has time and again come up with extremely inventive ideas to work around knotty problems. He is very clearly result oriented in his approach to work.” October 23, 2003

Syam V, Consultant, Satyam Computer Services Ltd
worked directly with Gautam at Satyam Computer Services Ltd

Territory Manager

Eli Lilly

“Gautam and I began our sales career together, more than a decade ago with Eli Lilly. Along with his selling skills, he is remembered for his command over the English language spiced with good humour and dry wit (potent combination, i say…).” January 25, 2007

Mona Puri, Territory Manager, Eli Lilly and Company
worked directly with Gautam at Eli Lilly

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